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Recently, I’ve been using ChatGPT to work on my toy project. I’m mainly using it in areas where I need to write code. It’s like being a game designer and making requests to a programmer. I type in the requirements for the behavior I want, and the AI outputs the code to make it happen.

I’m very happy with the way the project works. I have very little background in programming skills, so I used to spend hours manually searching for references and making errors. However, using AI has reduced my time by almost 1/100th. However, when I first started using it, the AI produced results that were not what I wanted with a fairly high frequency.

This happened because I was giving ambiguous instructions that could lead to different results depending on how the AI interpreted them. The solution was simple: give the AI specific, unambiguous instructions about what I wanted it to do. Not surprisingly, I started to see a reduction in trial and error.

When I think about it, I’ve always needed specific and unambiguous communication skills when working on projects and communicating with colleagues about their work. Especially as a product manager or game designer, if I can’t give specific intentions or behaviors for the product’s features, my colleagues are always confused or come up with completely wrong results, which adversely affects the quality and speed of the project. And I think this is a basic communication skill for all project members, not just those with specific roles.

In most cases, these communication skills are very difficult to acquire. It’s not something that’s taught to you, it’s not something that you get the opportunity to do unless you’re working in a team – and as we all know, working on a real project doesn’t give you much time to practice your communication skills.

However, with conversational AI, you can quickly and safely train the communication skills you need for your project, just like I did. If you want to communicate well with your project team members, why not start with conversational AI to improve your ability to get the results you want?

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